Saturday, July 10, 2010

Karate Kid

Today I saw Karate Kid in theaters. After the movie I thought how cool the bond with Mr.Haun and Dre is. When I saw Mr.Haun I saw my dad and then when I saw Dre I saw myself. I just LOVE my dad and hope we have that bond always. If you haven't seen it then I recommend it. It is a 3 star ranking but i would give it a 4 star ranking.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I LOVE Father's Day!

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I am SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!! Father's Day is one of my FAVORITE holidays. I love it because it is a day I can do extra special things for my dad! Even though no matter what I do extra special for my dad it won't match for what he has done for me I will still try!!!(: My dad is the best dad ever created in the history of dads ever invented!! I love him so much!! He has done so much for me that it makes me want to be that nice to other people as he has to me and my family!!!!
My dad is a sweet loving guy with a tender heart and a GREAT personality! He is always there to comfort me when I am sad, share good news with me when has some, and always there to remind me to help my mom and be nice to my siblings while he is at work! My dad is always out to help other people and is always looking for FUN!! He loves to play golf, poker nights with his friends, and listening to Glenn Beck on the radio while we are driving to my hockey practices! He loves to fish,boat,wake board,watch BYU sports games,go on vacations,and all you can eat pancakes at IHOP or Denny's. But most of all he loves to be home with his four kids and his wife. I love my dad and am always looking to show my dad I love him! I LOVE you Dad!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hey Im the Rookie Here

On March 3rd, I tried out for baseball. It was a cold day and I had to wake up early on my Saturday(I had nothing going on)morning. At that time, I had wanted to stay home and sleep till noon if I could.(I usually can't because by 10:00 I can't stand the taste of my own breathe.) So I woke up at 7 and got my clothes on and my dad drove my to the back of Brighton High. At the end of try outs my dad said I had done better than most of the kids. I went on doing my daily things. When my coach called I was so happy! I was on the St Louis Cardinals, Number 8. DESIGNATED HITTER! (Just kidding about the designated hitter) I was having fun and I still am! I have scored 5 points in 7 games. One game I over heard the enemy's coach say "He's only a rookie". And I thought "Hey, I'm the rookie here".

Monday, June 22, 2009

My best friend/dog

The day after school ended my family and I went to California and we stayed in a beautiful condo. When we got back my dad asked us to sit in the yard with our eyes closed. Then all the sudden I felt a lick. "Ethan" I thought. When I open my eyes I was mistaken . "A DOG!" I yelled. I was also mistaken! "TWO DOGS?!" I yelled confused at the same time. There was another dog in Ashtyn's arms. My mom said that mine was named Indy after Indiana Jones and the other was named Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Two days later when I took him on a walk we past a car full of dogs. They started to bark at Indy. He just sat there and didn't bark at all . After just two weeks he knows sit and come. I love him and I know we are going to have a great life together.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Broken Wrist But No Broken Career

I started football on Monday, it was every night at 6-8. Monday-Wednesday we did all running drills and no tackling because we didn't have any body-pads, only a helmet. Thursday morning my arms and my legs hurt badly. I was crying a lot, it hurt really bad. I couldn't go up and down the stairs without it hurting me. Then on Thursday we wore pads. On Monday our coaches wanted us focus on driving and pushing each other. Monday the coaches had a little meeting to make football teams. So my group was all alone with no coaches around. We were having fun tackling each other, I tackled the biggest kid on the field. He was pulling on my jersey as he fell. I fixed it. A few seconds later the big kid was pushed from the behind and landed on me. My face mask and my leg side crushed my wrist. It happened so fast; only a few seconds long. I was crying so much when my mom took off my helmet. My dad said that I would be alright, that I probably sprained it. I disagreed. I said that I had probably broken a bone in my arm. I could feel my heart beat all the way to the car. My mom said I would have to get an X-ray. After I got the X-Ray we went into a different room without seeing the results. My doctor wrapped a splint around my arm and gave me a sling. The doctor asked if we had seen the X-Ray yet. We all replied No at the same time. He showed us that there was a missing piece of bone by my wrist. He said that I would get a cast soon and I couldn't put any pressure on my arm until I got a cast. We left the doctor's office and went to show my aunt and my sisters. They were so excited that I got my first broken bone. That day I learned a lesson: You will always get hurt no matter how hard you try not football.

Monday, June 23, 2008


When I started golf I was like Golfpuny. But I never gave up. So now I am Golfzilla. I first started in June 2007. I had one of the best teachers in the state. He taught us so much. Now I make it in the hole almost every time. Golf is really fun but really hard. I really want to be as good as tiger woods but that would take my whole life. When you want to win you never stop trying.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Neighborhood or Familyhood

First when I moved in my house I had no idea my aunt,uncle,and two cousins (Kristi, Matt, Evan, and Collin) would live next door to me . But two months later they did. When they moved in I had no idea another aunt and uncle (Jared and Nanette) would live across the street. When they moved in I had no idea that probably my aunt,uncle,and two cousins (Trisha, Ryan, Kaylee, and Jackson) would live across the street. I am grateful that all my family lives in the same state as me, but even better they all live near Salt Lake City.